Talk Online Panel launches real-time, interactive COVID19 symptoms map for Europe self-reporting tool


In the difficult times of the Covid-19 outbreak, planning and awareness can save resources and even lives. As one of the biggest online communities in central and southeastern Europe, we at Talk wanted to do our bit by gathering and analysing data that could identify vulnerable areas and populations that may require assistance.

The website is a crowdsourced, self-updating dashboard tool that collects and visualises data pertaining to the symptoms of the Covid19 novel coronavirus in Europe. The focus of the questionnaire is not on confirmed C19 cases, but on the variety of symptoms and the range of symptom severity that might be experienced as a result of the virus. The reason for this choice is that this specific data set is easily, quickly and anonymously self-reported by the people who experience it first-hand, at a time when official testing might, depending on the location, be socially problematic, expensive, hard to arrange or even unavailable. 

By tracking the reported symptoms and their severity frequency on the interactive map, policy makers can assess the situation and make informed choices – to reinforce facilities in a particular area or to shift attention to a symptom that seems to be prevalent. The tool is also meant to reinforce civic responsibility among ordinary people: make them aware that they and many of their fellow citizens might be going through a mild version of the virus and convince them to keep social distancing guidelines.

covid19watch symptoms

About the survey

The survey is conducted across Europe via Computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI), conducted in successive waves of slightly variating questionnaires, both among the general public and among the community members of Talk Online Panel. 

The first wave was 19 March to 05 April, the second wave was launched on 7 April. The complete up-to-date list of countries is shown on the website – numerically in the header, in list form on the country menu - and is constantly expanded. 

The target group is the general population of the participating countries. The sample is currently not weighted but presented as is. The overall number of interviews is updated in real-time and displayed on the header of the website. The percentage numbers visualised on the interactive map represent the percentage out of the total people who took the survey in that country or region. 

The crowdsourced data is collected in accordance with GDPR and all applicable European Union data privacy laws and appropriate research methodology, and always in a way that cannot lead to a respondent’s identification.  Participants have confirmed that their decision to provide such information is voluntary and that they consent to their collection and disclosure. The same applies to all non-members of the panel that decide to take part in the survey.  No warranty, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy of this information, and no liability accepted for error or omission, for how the information is used, how it is interpreted or what reliance is placed on it. By the very nature of the tool, the information on this website may and will change at any time without notice as more respondents provide data. 

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