Prompt and efficient full service fieldwork

You send us your questionnaire, then we take over the implementation of the project, from programming the survey, through the fieldwork and to the final data delivery.  We normally can program a questionnaire within 2 working days, carry out the field immediately afterwards as per your specifications, and prepare the data within 1 to 2 working days of the end of fieldwork, to deliver it as a raw data set or tables.

All our surveys are responsive, and a lot are mobile-first, for on-the-go completion. Participation and satisfaction levels are monitored through our dashboard tool, allowing for quick reaction times.  Based on the experience of our multinational team, we can also advise on cultural sensitivities and assist with translation and localization of your questionnaires.

Programming - flexible options for your project needs

With our own software we can program even complex questionnaires quickly and safely. During the programming we check the questionnaire for logic and comprehension. We will coordinate closely with you in case adjustments are needed.

You want to control the subscriber data yourself and need only programming and result delivery? We can program the questionnaire for you, either in a neutral design or the look and feel of your company or client, and you receive the data according to your requirements as raw data, crosstabs or PowerPoint charts.

Data delivery and results coding

We can deliver data as follows:

  • Raw data, delivered in an Excel or SPSS data set.
  • Crosstabs: The processing of the adjusted raw data is carried out according to your specifications, defining which variables are to be crossed with each other. We naturally include the raw data.
  • PowerPoint Charts: as defined in your project brief, either all questions or only the results that are relevant for your detail evaluation are charted. Of course, you also get the cleaned raw data for the charts.

We can also take over the coding of the data for you. About 80% of the open entries are automatically coded and the remaining 20% ​​are manually coded. If you have a previously defined code plan from previous studies, we can naturally apply it.

Behavioural data

We collect behavioral data via passive metering through a dedicated group of panelists, who have installed our Talk Connect specialist metering software on all their devices, so we can track their usage in browsers as well as in apps. This allows us insight into:

  • Visited websites (full length URLs, time stamp, duration)
  • Used mobile apps (time stamp, duration, app category)
  • Search terms (incl. time stamp, duration)
  • Search engine used

You could use passive metering to drill down into research results that are fully focused on your target demographic. You could for example:

  • Monitor online search terms of e.g. women interested in organic products
  • Monitor websites and apps of e.g. all book retailers, with monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Target and survey your customers who also visit web sites of competitors


Cookie tracking

We can deploy custom cookies on our panels but also offer our own, proprietary tools to track your digital campaigns. Our dashboard solution allows you to verify audiences, targeting, calculate net-reach and see campaign KPIs such as brand-lift in real-time.

Location tracking & PoS Surveys

We can also recognise and track the location of panel members through our app — meaning you can send surveys to people who for example visit a specific location like for example a store. Invitations can be done by email or as push through our app.

Get in touch

We are always happy to hear from clients wanting custom projects in addition to the more usual sampling services. Drop us an email with a brief description of your requirements and we'll get back to you shortly.