Made in Surveys and Talk have agreed a strategic partnership

Made in Surveys and Talk have agreed a strategic partnership

The cooperation agreement means that the clients of MIS and Talk can use a combined 13 local offices that provide one-stop-shop fieldwork and project management services for studies taking place across Europe, from the United Kingdom down to Turkey.

With the partnership going into full effect in late April, customers can already access the 160,000 members of MIS in the UK and 500,000 members in France alongside the 600,000 members of Talk in DACH, Central and Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey and Russia.

“Our biggest commitment to our clients is the quality we provide through our UK and French offices. Whether it’s the quality of the service, the data etc. it is the main reason our clients love working with us. In order to widen our offering whilst assuring we were able to maintain our quality standards, we needed a recognized and well established partner. It is an immense pleasure to  include Talk’s panel offering (Central and Eastern Europe) for the markets our proprietary panels do not cover. “ said Romain Leray of MiS.

“One of the calling cards of Talk has always been our emphasis on local expertise, having offices across Europe and managing each country panel with local staff working closely with our Vienna HQ,” said Anita Primo, CEO Operations for Talk. “The United Kingdom and France are obviously very important markets for research in Europe and thus also for us - going into this partnership with MIS means we can rely on a well-established, trusted partner who delivers quality services without us having to build up a separate local team. We are delighted to be able to include the UK and France in our offerings to clients and look forward to exciting projects.”

Depending on the location, each panel member is assessed on between 300 and 400 data points that allow for deep profiling, focused targeting and high engagement rates. MIS operates panels in the UK, France, Italy, Brazil, India, USA and Russia.  Talk operates panels in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia.