Sampling at the highest industry standards

With an eye on the ever more specific needs of our clients, we recruit between 100 to 500 respondents per day across all countries. To ensure sample quality we use a variety of sources, from online communities and news portals to Members get Members campaigns, social media campaigns and invitations after in-person interviews. All panelists registered triple-opt-in and deemed active according to ISO standards

Our long experience means we can predict response and completion rates and advise you on how to achieve the best possible results, often by adjusting the target group, survey topic, survey length, survey design and timing. We constantly refine and update our deep profiling of all users, currently comprising some 400 attributes, from key demographics to habits and lifestyle.

This data forms the basis of our filtering system, which allows us to conduct surveys by selecting respondents according to one or several of these fields depending on a client‘s particular needs:

Personal data


Household electrics





Mobile phone 






Online shopping




Travel planning


Social media

Hobbies, Interests

Payment methods

Personal electronics



On-target samples for every project

Our over 1.3 million panelists in 25 countries across the DACH, CEE and SEEU region are selected carefully to offer a representative image of the local online population. Through comprehensive panel management, we ensure that composite, rare or complex socio-demographic target groups can be reached, even for high sample sizes. We can even help in cases where you don't have all the quota information - we research the data accurately to your sample requirements and coordinate closely with you for implementation.

Passive Metering, Tagging, Location-tracking

We collect behavioral data via passive metering through a dedicated group of panelists, who have installed our Talk Connect specialist metering software on all their devices, so we can track their usage in browsers as well as in apps. This allows us insight into:

  • Visited websites (full length URLs, time stamp, duration)
  • Used mobile apps (time stamp, duration, app category)
  • Search terms (incl. time stamp, duration)
  • Search engine used

You could use passive metering to drill down into research results that are fully focused on your target demographic. You could for example:

  • Monitor online search terms of e.g. women interested in organic products
  • Monitor websites and apps of e.g. all book retailers, with monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Target and survey your customers who also visit web sites of competitors

Quality guarantee

We take full responsibility for the high quality of our data and panelist profiles, and we apply the strictest standards daily through rigorous panel management.  Deep profiling among our panel base ensures you a tailor-made target group selection, while our panelists on the other side only receive surveys that match their profile and interests, meaning they are more motivated to participate and less likely to be screened out.  

That alone however does not guarantee the quality of the data. Especially with complex questionnaires, usability, clarity of expression and local context are key for the respondent to understand the questions and provide pertinent answers, our multinational team will gladly assist you in designing or finalising the questionnaire in such a way that the participants remain engaged from the first to the last question

As part of our quality assurance process we additionally implement:

  • Automatic profile data checks (Similarity checks/ IP and browser checks)
  • Continuous profile updates
  • Check of completion time and detection of “speedsters”
  • Check of sociodemographic data (“trick questions" at the start/end of surveys)
  • Control questions during the survey
  • Confirmation of personal data on redemption of incentives and validation via post or telephone when necessary

If a panelist is classified as “speedster”, “fraudulent” or untrustworthy in any way, they are blacklisted and excluded from future surveys.

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