Fieldwork in the time of Corona - business as usual, but in sweatpants

Talk Online Panel – already fully digital, we remain efficient in delivering fieldwork in all markets during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown

As a full-service digital data collection provider with a multi-country operation, Talk is used to a virtual office and remote teamwork – even now with all staff on home office, we continue to work as normal. Our panelists have not shown a difference in behavior and while our constant measuring hence we have not experienced significant deviations from the general response rates in all our countries, regardless of the different levels of restrictions.  The shutdown has not affected our fieldwork process and delivery capabilities in any way.

Talk’s working hours and staff availability to clients remain unchanged

The Talk team operated a flexible home office and remote working policy before the pandemic: as a company with an IT heritage, we have always been ready to work from anywhere, from home, the HQ in Vienna or our branch offices in Leipzig, Zurich, Prague, Sofia, Athens, Bucharest, Sarajevo or Riga.  In the last six weeks, our developers have even added additional capacity and security on our proprietary systems so they can handle the remote working load and run faster than before. So with the exception of our kitchen tables being our desks, there has been no difference to our day  - working hours remain the same and we are as usual reachable by phone and email. Those of us with children have to multi-task a little more than usual, but our teammates are always ready to step in whenever we need to entertain the little ones or check on homework, so this is never really felt on the client side.


Talk’s fieldwork schedule is kept and resources are dedicated taking into account remote working

As always each project is assigned a Lead PM and a Back-up PM to ensure the 4-eye principle and maintain the high quality of our services. This helps us even more when working remotely as it keeps the team close together and ready to help one another.


Innovation remains our priority : in the midst of the shutdown, Talk has managed not only to maintain normal work, but also together with our sister company Reppublika, we launched a real-time, interactive COVID19 symptoms map for Europe.

In the difficult times of the Covid19 outbreak, planning and awareness can save resources and even lives. We at Talk wanted to also do our bit, using our fieldwork expertise to gather data that could help identify vulnerable areas and populations.

We are proud to share the results: the website is a crowdsourced, self-updating dashboard tool that collects and visualizes data pertaining to the symptoms of the novel coronavirus. The focus is not on confirmed cases, but on the variety of symptoms and symptom severity that might be experienced. The reason for our choice is that this specific data set is easily, quickly and anonymously self-reported by people who experience it first-hand, at a time when official testing might be expensive, hard to arrange or unavailable.


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