Set up your own panel with Talk

Based on its long experience in several European countries, Talk can quickly and efficiently help you set up a client panel for your own internal market research purposes within your own customer base. Having this kind of access and contact with your clients can provide you with key advantages:

  • Reduction of internal market research costs - you can conduct readership analyses, customer, and analyses without external costs for respondents
  • Reduction of annoying on-site surveys - you only survey directly  among your customers.
  • Reduction of surveys through normal email or CRM programs that do not allow quotas
  • Sales testing for ads  - for examples advertising impact studies in your online panel among the most loyal customers
  • Inclusion of your product-specific variables (e.g., interests, frequency of reading, etc.) based on which interviews can be conducted among specific target groups.
  • The panelist profile data can be used to enrich your own targeting system.

A key benefit of our offering is that is leaves you with no extra administration load, as the panel is run as a sub-panel of the Talk community.

This means the multilingual Talk team will handle all aspects of panel set up and management: everything from recruiting, sourcing incentives, answering panelist emails and calls, implementing legal privacy requirements, monitoring panelist activity and performance to prevent cheating and updating the database of panelists on a regular basis to ensure a stable quality. This frees up your project team to think of innovative ways to use all this new customer feedback for the benefit of your business or product

Questionnaire software licensing

Talk is very proud of our proprietary survey tool that is also available for licensing: it's a powerful web-based, multi-tenant questionnaire software developed for online market research, which allows fast, easy and customized programming of different kinds of questions to be implemented and evaluated online. Please get in touch at for a demonstration and pricing options.