The Talk Group

With nearly 20 years of experience in online market research, Talk has specialised in "Full Service Digital Data Collection" and offers comprehensive services for online surveys as well as Behavioral Data Collection. This includes cookie tracking and passive metering as well as geo-tracking via the Talk App.

The Talk Group is running online panels with a deep profiling in 25 countries with 1.3 million active members in the German-speaking area and Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The company, which is headquartered in Vienna, maintains additional offices throughout Europe and stands for high data quality, outstanding expertise in panel management and comprehensive compliance with data protection regulations. Talk uses the highest standards in IT and project management and was certified according to ISO 20252 in 2019.

Full-service digital data collection and reporting

We collect digital, anonymised data from computer-assisted surveys on our network of panels across Europe. Drawing on our strong IT background, we were among the first to implement responsive and mobile-first interfaces for on-the-go completion of surveys, cross-device and on our app.

We collect behavioral data via passive metering through a dedicated group of panelists who have installed our metering software on all their devices. We also have cookie tracking technologies measuring user traffic off a network of reputable websites as well as from the tracking of panelists.

International outlook, local expertise

We combine an international outlook with local expertise. All our panels are managed locally by native speakers who know the culture and market conditions, so can both advise on cultural sensitivities and tailor the incentive portfolio to local tastes.  Αll project and field management is done centrally out of Vienna to streamline operations and allow for consistent quality control.

We are a member of DGOFESOMARVMÖ and SIMAR.


Get in touch

For sampling and project inquiries, please send an email to including your full contact details and the specifications of your request. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible with a quote.